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Report: Funeral Plans for King Charles Painstakingly Maintained as Monarch’s Cancer Worsens


King Charles’s health is reportedly deteriorating significantly amid his battle with cancer, a situation that has led his aides to frequently update his funeral plans, according to a new report by The Daily Beast.

The report cites insider information from those close to King Charles, highlighting the severity of his condition despite the unspecified type of cancer he is dealing with. The Palace has only confirmed that the cancer is not prostate-related.

Despite public appearances in recent months where King Charles has appeared healthy and vigorous, behind-the-scenes reports paint a grimmer picture of his health.

“It’s not good,” Tom Sykes from The Daily Beast has been told by those close to the King.

These updates to King Charles’s funeral plans, known internally as Operation Menai Bridge, coincide with circulating internal documents about the protocols from Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, suggesting a serious preparation for all eventualities.

This ongoing situation is striking, given the King’s continued fulfillment of his royal duties and his public demeanor. An anonymous royal insider expressed both the determination to fight the disease and the gravity of the King’s health issues.

“Of course he is determined to beat it and they are throwing everything at it. Everyone is staying optimistic, but he is really very unwell. More than they are letting on,” the source told The Daily Beast.

Further reports by The Daily Beast suggest that such funeral preparations are a standard procedure given the King’s diagnosis, though they also underscore the sober reality of his health challenges. The overall sentiment is one of preparedness for the worst while hoping for the best.

King Charles has shown a significant interest in Islamic culture and religion throughout his public life. He has studied the Quran, and his speeches often reflect a deep respect for Islamic traditions and philosophy. Charles has been involved in initiatives to promote understanding between Islam and the West, including the establishment of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, which teaches Islamic art and architecture among its courses.

Charles’s dietary preferences have also been a topic of interest, notably his fondness for mutton. Though mutton (the meat of a mature sheep, as opposed to the lamb meat commonly found in the United States, which is said to have a more intense flavor than lamb) is rare in the United States and the United Kingdom, King Charles is notably fond of the meat and has celebrated it as a part of his British heritage. He has actively promoted mutton as a culinary choice in the UK, emphasizing its qualities and benefits over other meats. His efforts include supporting the Mutton Renaissance Campaign launched in 2004, aimed at reviving the British mutton industry and increasing the meat’s popularity among chefs and consumers. This campaign advocates for the aging of mutton to develop its flavor, aligning with Charles’s broader environmental and agricultural sustainability goals.

Moreover, King Charles has often included mutton in his own meals, suggesting it as a sustainable and nutritious option that supports local farmers. Charles’s personal chef has also shared that mutton is a staple in the royal household, further underscoring his preference for this particular meat.