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Republican Leader Just Went Down Hard – This Has Never Happened Before in GOP History


Since the midterm elections, controversy has been surrounding a newly-elected congressman. This man, hailing from New York, was quickly accused of lying, among many other allegations.

The scandals only continued to erupt for him, and he is now facing 23 charges including wire fraud, identity theft, falsification of records, and campaign finance misuse.

The congressman has been defiant from the very start, rejecting calls to resign. This week, the House voted to decide his fate. And, in a strong, bi-partisan result, he becomes the first congressman ejected from Congress in 20 years.

From Fox News:
The House of Representatives voted to expel scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., on Friday, making him the first House lawmaker to be expelled in more than 20 years…

The 311 to 114 vote was strongly bipartisan, although slightly more Republicans voted to keep Santos than to oust him.

It requires a two-thirds majority vote in the House to remove someone. That is a tall hurdle to overcome. Yet the House managed to get 311 of its members to eject George Santos of New York, over the seemingly unending accusations of criminal behavior.

Before the vote, Santos was bold and defiant in the face of these allegations. But after he was officially ejected from Congress, he was silent. He refused to speak to reporters on his way out of the chambers.

The scandals surrounding Santos’s campaign have marred both the House and the Republican Party. Allegations claim the man used campaign funds for personal luxuries, including Botox treatments.

It’s unknown whether Santos will be convicted of the many charges against him. But as the scandals heated up, it was clear that Congress had to act.

Despite his ejection meaning a smaller Republican majority, most Republicans agreed to expelling Santos. Speaker Mike Johnson presided over the hearing, formalizing the historic move.

The ugly affair is a reminder of how often political figures abuse their power and access. Critics might wonder, however, why a Republican accused of fraud quickly faced consequences. Meanwhile, there have been many Democrat politicians–both in Congress and at the local level–who seem to get off scot-free.

Source: Fox News