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Republicans Shatter 1 Important Record – This Spells Disaster For Dems in 2024


Many Republican voters have wondered why the GOP continues hosting primary debates. Donald Trump, who has a commanding lead, called on the party to focus its resources on defeating President Biden.

It looked like Republican voters were withholding support, as news came out last month that the RNC was failing to bring in support.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the NRCC, the fundraising arm for House Republicans. Because after major victories under the new House speaker, they had this to share.

From The Hill:
The House Republican campaign arm announced Tuesday that it broke its fundraising record for an off-year November.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) brought in a $9 million haul last month, exceeding the 2021 off-year November record of $7.2 million…

The additional funds bring the NRCC’s cash on hand up to $41.4 million, according to the release.

Despite fundraising problems within the RNC, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced a record-breaking November. The group—which helps fund campaigns for House Republicans—brought in $9 million.

That is the most for an off-year November for the party. NRCC chair Richard Hudson credited Speaker Mike Johnson, who has scored several wins in his short time as speaker.

Speaker Johnson has helped pass funding bills, without supporting Biden’s left-wing spending agenda. He has strongly supported America First policies, echoing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. It appears his agenda is resonating with Republican voters, who are donating to help Republicans hold onto their majority.

The new speaker even supported the removal of former Rep. George Santos. Despite the fact he was a Republican, Johnson approved of a measure to remove Santos from office over numerous allegations of wrongdoing (and indictments). This no doubt scored Johnson points with voters sick of hearing about corruption within Congress.

The question is now, whether the NRCC can continue this momentum, going into the 2024 election cycle.

Source: The Hill