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Republicans Sue Top Swing State Democrat – They’re Making 1 Bombshell Election Claim


Leftist Democrats are panicking with the ongoing surge among swing state voters by former President Donald Trump. Prominent Democrats have vowed to stop Trump from regaining the White House by any means necessary.

Some leftist Democrats are using their state-level positions to affect the 2024 presidential election. Secretaries of state in multiple states have publicly called Trump an insurrectionist and some have even removed him from the ballot or promised to do so unless a court order stopped them.

Other state-level Democrats have been accused of other deceptive practices to tip the voter scales in favor of their preferred candidate. In one key swing state Republicans aren’t letting such actions happen without a fight for what is right.

From The Daily Wire:
The Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Michigan Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, saying that her office has not maintained accurate voter rolls.

“Election integrity starts with clean voter rolls, and that’s why the National Voter Registration Act requires state officials to keep their rolls accurate and up-to-date,” new RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said. “Jocelyn Benson has failed to follow the NVRA (National Voter Registration Act), leaving Michigan with inflated and inaccurate voter rolls ahead of the 2024 election.”

The lawsuit targets alleged mismanagement by Michigan that undermines election integrity and allows ineligible voters to cast ballots. The numbers of voters when broken down by county couldn’t pass a first-grade math test.

The RNC lawsuit alleges that 53 counties or more in Michigan have more active registered voters than adult citizens over the age of 18. According to the RNC, only one county had that rate in 2020 and then the number of counties with registration rates above 100% skyrocketed.

The RNC believes the secretary of state is obligated to maintain the voter list, and alleges that Benson’s actions undermine the integrity of elections. The lawsuit alleges that her lack of maintenance increases the opportunity for “ineligible voters or voters intent on fraud to cast ballots.”

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Michigan just days after new RNC leadership backed by Trump took over the political organization. The lawsuit states that the “systemic problem” listed “violates federal law and jeopardizes the integrity of the State’s upcoming elections.”

Michigan is a key state in the November election that will determine the next president. Early polls indicate a tight race between the incumbent and Trump. The incumbent’s support in the state has lagged in Muslim-dense areas of the state due to White House policies dealing with the Israel-Hamas war.

Source: The Daily Wire