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RFK Shakes D.C. with Massive Announcement – Biden’s Democrats Didn’t Think This Could Happen


The last thing the liberal establishment wants is a challenger to Joe Biden’s nomination. Biden has been a terrible president, but a very good puppet for globalists and the radical left. The DNC does not want someone in the White House with a mind of their own, who will put Americans ahead of lobbyists and special interest groups.

So, they are very upset that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an outspoken critic of Biden and the left’s narrative, is running for president. Biden refuses to debate the man, but Kennedy continues to rise in the polls. And now, his campaign just announced something that will make every leftist very nervous.

From The Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential challenger Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced on Thursday that his campaign had raised $3 million in the last three days of the second quarter…

According to the press release, Kennedy’s campaign raised a total of $6 million on the second quarter — half of that in the final three days.

This should make Joe Biden reconsider his campaign strategy–which is to do nothing. Robert Kennedy, despite being slandered by the mainstream media, managed to bring in three million dollars–just in the last three days of the second quarter.

That suggests that his campaign is gaining momentum, not losing it. He has risen in the polls over recent weeks. If he gets enough support among Democrat voters, Biden will have to deal with him. Kennedy will surely end up on the primary ballots. Biden will have to debate him in the coming months if Kenney’s campaign grows stronger.

Kennedy is largely hated by the radical left, because he questioned their COVID narrative, including the now much-maligned vaccines. He is an outspoken critic of many of Biden’s policies and decisions, which have served to benefit socialists, not Americans.

Some have even suggested Kennedy would be a good running mate… for Donald Trump. If Kennedy manages to build enough support among moderate liberals, he could be a powerful ally for someone like Trump.

Not that we know what is going to happen. What we do know is that Kennedy is not going away any time soon. And that is a big problem for Joe Biden.

Key Takeaways:
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. raised three million dollars in the last three days of the second quarter.
Kennedy is running against Joe Biden in the Democrat primaries and is gaining in popularity.
The Democrat establishment is opposing Kennedy, who is questioning their agenda.
Source: Daily Wire