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Security Boss Unloads January 6 Bombshell – This is the Most Explosive Update in Years


When Republicans took over Congress last year, Democrats quickly tried to cover up its investigations into January 6. According to reports, they even destroyed evidence, perhaps to foil Republicans’ plans to uncover the truth.

The left maintains that Trump staged an “insurrection” on that day. And it is certain that Biden will keep saying that as we enter the election.

But Republicans have been quietly investigating what really went on. Newsmen like Tucker Carlson dropped bombshells after receiving footage from House Republicans. Now, a new report is revealing another piece of news Democrats conveniently forgot to tell us.

From Daily Wire:
The Republican National Committee’s director of security said that the explanation of the purported January 6 pipe bomb plot, and the response by authorities, “make no sense whatsoever…”

Capolino says law enforcement would be able to identify the device immediately upon seeing it.

“They set up scenarios like that so you know what to look for, so they have to make training devices,” he said. “There was so much about January 6, but nothing about the pipe bombs, which I thought was so, so strange.”

The Republican National Committee director of security has poked holes in claims about supposed pipebombs found near GOP and Democrat offices on January 6. According to reports, these devices were planted near those buildings the night before.

But they were using one-hour egg timers. Meaning, if they were real, they would have gone off long before anyone was “storming” the Capitol building.

Capolino also mentioned that the devices were “exactly” like the devices used in police training. That raises further suspicions, that these might not have been real IEDs at all.

If they were not real, why were they planted? And Democrats have been quiet about who planted them in the first place.

There are plenty of unanswered questions about the events of January 6, which some Democrats say was worse than 9/11. Yet the left refuses to provide information that could shed like on the day.

Source: Daily Wire