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Southern State Leader Moves to Protect Kids – This Could Change Everything for Parents & Teachers


For years, debate has raged over how America can end mass shootings in public schools. States and school boards have exhausted a wide variety of options, including hiring security and installing metal detectors.

But one idea comes up whenever this discussion is held. It’s an idea that many Democrats have rejected, including teachers.

In one state, however, the lieutenant governor is not taking no for an answer. He unveiled a plan that could keep schools safe in a big way. And he’s putting up big bucks to make it a reality.

From Daily Wire:
Georgia Republican Lieutenant Gov. Burt Jones unveiled legislation on Wednesday that would annually pay school teachers $10,000 to carry a gun at school in an effort to increase safety on campuses…

Jones said the legislation would use state funding to ensure Georgia’s school systems and teachers have the option to receive proper firearms training and certification.

Lieutenant Gov. Jones of Georgia introduced a bill that would pay teachers $10,000 a year to carry a gun at school. The legislation would require training and certification. It would also require stricter guidelines for school safety plans, as well as hiring more resource officers.

Whenever news of mass shootings is reported on the news, one detail is always the same. Gunmen routinely select locations where they know nobody will be shooting them. Shooters often pick schools, because they are full of vulnerable targets who cannot fight back.

This is the same reason gunmen pick malls, restaurants, and other places often labeled “gun free zones.” After all, when was the last time you heard of a mass shooting at a police station or gun range?

Republicans have often floated the idea of arming teachers. This could serve as a powerful deterrent to would-be shooters. Knowing every teacher in a school is armed and trained, far fewer gunmen would select them as targets.

Some states already allow teachers to arm themselves. But it appears Georgia will be the first to offer a large financial incentive to teachers willing to do so.

The question remains, however, if this bill can pass through the state legislature. And, if so, how many teachers will be willing to arm themselves at school, $10,000 or no? Many public school teachers are members of progressive teachers’ unions who advocate for gun control.

The safety of their students, however, might be the biggest decider of all.

Source: Daily Wire