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Speaker Johnson Drops the Hammer on Protesters – Threatens 1 Massive Punishment for Far-Left School


Progressive college students have been protesting on the campus of Columbia University. They have been denounced by New York Mayor Eric Adams as “antisemitic.” The anti-Israel movement continues to grow among college aged leftists, who are becoming increasingly hostile to Jewish Americans.

Police were sent to clear away a similar encampment on NYU’s campus. Both students in other states are starting their own camps—openly endorsing Hamas and its hatred for Jews.

Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has decided to wade into the fray. He traveled to ground zero of this movement. The Republican confronted the very leftists endorsing the views of extremists. And he gave this solemn warning to a school unwilling to end this nonsense.

From The Post Millennial:
House Speaker Mike Johnson visited Columbia University on Wednesday to meet with Jewish leaders amidst ongoing chaos from pro-Palestinian protestors on campus. There, he stated that if universities like Columbia cannot take control of the violence and anti-semitism on their campuses, then they do not “deserve” federal funding…

“Today I’m here to proclaim to all those who gnash their teeth, and demand to wipe the State of Israel off the map, and attack our innocent Jewish students this simple truth: Neither Israel nor these Jewish students on this campus will ever stand alone.”

Speaker Johnson did what many Democratic leaders in blue states are failing to do. He stood up to the entitled, far-left college progressives who are becoming openly hostile to our ally Israel and Jewish people around the world. He warned Columbia University—and any other school that is tolerating these camps—that they will lose federal funding if they do not put this to an end.

For months, college presidents have faced backlash for failing to confront these demonstrations. At the beginning of this movement, it seemed progressives were siding with Palestinians, not the terrorists who killed civilians in Israel. At this point, however, they are no longer pretending they are on the side of peace.

Now, they are spreading antisemitic slurs, calling for violence against Jewish students, and identifying with Hamas itself (some are chanting, “We are Hamas”). The insanity is getting out of control, yet we have not seen an official act by the president or leading Democrats to condemn it.

A few Democrats have spoken out, but most are remaining silent. Only Speaker Johnson is publicly decrying this evil—and vowing to hold accountable schools who are doing nothing.

Source: The Post Millennial