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Speaker Johnson Makes Genius Move Against Dems – This ‘Coupling’ Will Make Them Furious


There is an old saying about treating yourself the way you treat everyone else. U.S. politicians like to bark about how they love to help everyone around the world at the same time things are falling apart at home.

Democrats even love to throw money at people in need at home without taking care of the hardworking citizens paying the bills. The new speaker of the U.S. House aims to change such political attitudes and his idea is making Democrats furious before it is ever put into action. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Sunday argued for the idea of coupling Ukraine aid with funding for the U.S.-Mexico border.

From Fox News:
“We have to take care of our own border first,” Johnson said. “What this is about is advancing the agenda and first priorities of the American people.”

Democrats have lashed out at Johnson on many levels, and they don’t like anything he’s doing to help the American people. A group of Democrats banded together claiming that Republicans “cannot move their extreme, cruel immigration agenda” through the “regular” legislative process.

These same liberals who bowed to every side-stepping political move orchestrated by their previous leader in the House claim Republicans are trying to make an “end-run around Congress” and “exploit two foreign wars to force it into law.”

Johnson, in his ever-calm demeanor, dusted off the Democrats’ attacks and laid out his reasoning for helping Americans. He called their verbal tactics “absurd” and said Democrats are not listening to their constituents.

He noted how Americans across the country understand the nation’s role as a leader in the free world, but America must take care of its own house first. He said coupling domestic funding with foreign aid makes sense to people. He believes there is growing support within the GOP and across the aisle for this type of funding.

Johnson said “securing our border is an essential priority for the American people” because under Joe Biden there have been 6.3 million illegal border crossings. That, he said, is more than the population of his state.

“We cannot continue this, everyone knows it,” Johnson said, noting the fentanyl and human trafficking coming across the border daily. “I think the people are with us.”

Johnson said he supports paying for the $14.5 billion proposal for this funding by tapping into the $67 billion fund allocated to build up the IRS.

Source: Fox News