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‘Squad’ Member’s Dirty Laundry Tumbles Out – It’s a Bombshell Nobody Can Ignore


It has been a minute since we’ve heard from members of the so-called House squad. This group of progressive lawmakers is known for their far-left views. Often, they have been at odds with their own party, as they’ve pushed a Marxist agenda through Congress.

One of the more notorious members of the squad shocked Americans in the aftermath of the October 7th attack in Israel. She sided with Israel’s enemies and even called out President Biden for sending aid.

Now, it looks like her ties to the enemies of Israel run deeper than anyone realized. She has been funding a group with close ties to some very bad people. And it looks like she wasn’t the only one.

From The Washington Examiner:
“Squad” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars since being elected to Congress to a consulting firm led by an anti-Israel activist working on behalf of groups linked to Palestinian terrorist factions, records show…

The Florida-based limited liability corporation is operated by Rasha Mubarak, a close ally of Tlaib’s who recently held key roles for terrorism-tied organizations in the United States…

Mubarak… once said she is tired of hearing the “lie” that “Israel has the right to defend herself” against terrorism.

Rep. Tlaib has given $435,000 to a group that has worked for terror groups. Since being elected to Congress, Tlaib has regularly sent funds to Unbought Power. This group is led by Rasha Mubarak, who has worked for groups connected to Hamas and other terrorist factions.

Mubarak herself has spread anti-Israel rhetoric worse than Tlaib. She has even claimed that saying Israel has a right to defend itself is a “lie.” Mubarak has coordinated operations for dangerous groups, sparking questions about what she has helped fund.

Why is a member of Congress allowed to send campaign donations to a group associated with terrorists? It is against the law to provide “material aid” to terrorists. So how is Mubarak allowed to run a group that collaborates with terrorism?

Could it be that Democrats are siding with the very enemies of Israel and the United States?

Source: The Washington Examiner