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Stormy’s Big Anti-Trump Moment Blows Up in Her Face – 5 Words Just Rocked the Entire Trial


If you thought the Stormy Daniels case New York is prosecuting against Trump was ridiculous, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Stormy Daniels took the stand today and, well, she ignited a firestorm and almost burned down the case.

Many accusations have been made over the years between Donald and Stormy. Trump has maintained his innocence, while Stormy Daniels has profited off the accusations with book deals, podcasts, and much more.

She has claimed she felt physically threatened by Trump, but all of these details of their alleged tryst are immaterial to proving the falsification of business records. That didn’t stop Stormy from turning the courthouse into a circus.

From CNN:
Stormy Daniels said she was working at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. She was still working for an adult film picture company.

Daniels testified that she met Trump at that tournament. “It was a very brief encounter,” she said.

She cracked a joke about the adult film company’s sponsorship of one of the holes of the golf course. The jurors did not laugh.

Obviously Stormy was hoping to “work the crowd.” Unfortunately, they weren’t having it. While Trump’s team requested the judge limit her testimony to relevant details, Judge Merchan smacked down the request and allowed Daniels to lay out every salacious detail that she claims happened.

Here’s just a few of the details, which got her into deep trouble as you will soon see.

Stormy Daniels is describing what happened next in the hotel room.  “I had my clothes and my shoes off. I removed my bra. We were in missionary position,” Daniels says.  Asked if she remembers how her clothes came off, she says no. “Next thing I know I was on the bed,” she testifies.

How bad was it? Apparently, Judge Merchan regretted allowing this to go on, saying that much of what Daniels shared was not appropriate to the case. And so the Trump team claimed it was prejudicial and moved for a mistrial:

Blanche says there was no other reason for prosecutors to elicit that testimony beyond to cause Trump “embarrassment.” “It’s so prejudicial in a case about a NDA and whether there were false records” at the Trump Organization, Blanche says.

“We move for a mistrial based on the testimony of this witness,” said Trump attorney Todd Blanche says following this morning’s testimony from Stormy Daniels. “A lot of the testimony that this witness talked about today is way different than the story she was peddling in 2016,” Blanche says.

He also accused Stormy Daniels of changing her story from earlier discussions and depositions. Sounds pretty unfair.

What did the judge do with this request? He shot it down again, saying he didn’t think the Daniels testimony was grounds for a mistrial, at least at this time.

Then Trump’s lawyers got the opportunity to cross-examine the witness, and the jury was dismissed at the end of the day before the completion of questioning. So she will have to return another day.

So for the moment, Stormy’s obscene testimony will stand, but it further shakes up a case that is already on thin ice after the charades of Michael Cohen and the legal gymnastics of Alvin Bragg.

It may end up being the final straw that breaks the camel’s back in this case, though. Many legal analysts have claimed that even if this case is somehow allowed to be handed to the jury, and if someone a jury that contains 2 lawyers come back with a guilty verdict, even then it is almost guaranteed to be overturned on appeal because of how ridiculous this circus has become.

Meanwhile, Trump day by day looks better and better to the American public as he campaigns against the barely-there Joe Biden.

Source: CNN