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Supreme Court Trump Ruling Shakes the Nation – Donald’s Fans Have Been Waiting for This Decision

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The Supreme Court has been the deciding factor in a number of issues in recent years. Their decisions have affected millions of Americans. And the highest court is often the only force that is able to stop Joe Biden’s socialist agenda.

Recently, a case came before the court that would decide the fate of a battle between Democrats and Donald Trump. As usual, Democrats were pushing to get their hands on anything they can use against the former president. They were trying to obtain documents related to the D.C. hotel he owned while president. And the court just made up its mind.

From The Hill:

The Supreme Court will no longer hear a case on whether Democratic lawmakers should have been able to sue to obtain documents related to a Washington, D.C., hotel former President Trump owned during his presidency. Congressional members dismissed the lawsuit last month…

Democrats, who had urged the Supreme Court to not get involved in the case in the first place, agreed that the court should dispose of the case.

The Supreme Court tossed out a case created by Democrats to get records from Trump’s in D.C. Trump owned the hotel during his presidency, but sold it in recent years. It seems Democrats yet again wanted anything belonging to Trump, to find something they could use against him.

In Democrats’ minds, Trump is always guilty. They just need to find the evidence to confirm their bias against him.

Had the court decided in Democrats’ favor, it would have opened the door to all kinds of witch hunts from the left. Democrats seem to only want more power. They’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

With the court throwing out the case, it shuts the door to new attempts by Democrats to persecute future presidents. That probably won’t stop them from trying, but at least the Supreme Court is siding with the right on this one.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court dismissed a case against Trump’s former hotel.
  • Democrats wanted documents from the hotel, which he owned while president.
  • This comes as Democrats continue to search for ways to attack the former president.

Source: The Hill