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Swing State Sends 3-Word Message to Biden – And It Spells Massive Trouble for 2024


Joe Biden’s lockstep support among Democrats is eroding. He enjoyed overwhelming support from his party base in 2020. Now Democrats are doubting the incumbent heading into the 2024 presidential election.

All the crises, domestic and foreign, have voters questioning whether Biden is their candidate next year. Democrats want policies and actions in line with their way of thinking and they sent a message to the White House.

Biden must listen to voters, or he could spur a mutiny in key swing states. A group of Michigan Democratic voters made it clear that Biden needs to pay attention to them. They said clearly that they are “reluctant” in an interview with Kristen Welker at NBC News.

From Fox News:
“I want the candidate that I vote for to earn my vote,” Jessie Kelly, who said she was undecided, told Welker.

The voters voiced their displeasure with their candidate options next year. Any assumption in Biden’s camp that he will hold sway over the Democratic base like in 2020 doesn’t appear grounded. One undecided voter said she would “probably agonize again” about how to make her choice at the ballot box.

In the group of voters, Biden maintained support from one transgender voter who said she would never vote Republican. She said her vote would be cast “very reluctantly” for Biden.

A second non-Republican voiced her “reluctant” vote would go to Biden despite disagreements with his policies. She is concerned about Biden’s age and his Middle East dealings.

“I can’t support anyone who has a hand in any supporting of genocide, even though it doesn’t personally affect me, it does,” she said.

The group of voters also brought up concerns facing most Americans. They worry about affordability for products within the economy where prices are rising faster than paychecks.

Biden didn’t fare well in an assessment where the group of voters were asked to describe the president in one word. Some described him as “tired” and “out of it.”

A key voting bloc is dwindling for Biden as Black voters are waning in their support for the president. Biden’s support among this mainstay demographic has slipped for several months.

Source: Fox News