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Ted Cruz Says “Yes” To Radical New Idea – This Would Change Everything in the U.S. Forever


A twit on Twitter tried to trick a U.S. Senator and got humiliated in the public town square. If Democrats went along with this radical idea for enacting new laws, every blue city and state would drown in federal regulations and taxes.

The pompous tweeter thought his radical idea would hurt conservatives in Republican-led states. He didn’t like the answer that was swift and harsh from one Texas senator. He shut down the twit with a simple response.

From Fox News:

Pitched by a Twitter user who specifically named (Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas) and fellow Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the proposal stated “if both senators from any individual state” votes against a bill then “that state shouldn’t receive any benefit when said bill passes.”

Cruz responded: “I accept.”

The leftist dig at Republican senators comes after many of them refused to support Democrats’ $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed in the Senate and signed into law by President Joe Biden in 2021. Both Texas senators voted against the bill because they believed it failed to provide proper funding despite lofty goals of building nationwide infrastructure.

Texas stands to gain billions in federal money from the funding package and the Twitter attacker thought his zinger would call out Republicans for taking federal tax dollars. Cruz agreed to the twit’s proposal because Texas has surplus revenue that is supporting blue states that are bleeding money. Texas senators would rather not have the extra federal tax funds and avoid the strings attached to the legislation.

From Fox News:

The Republican then added: “Same for taxes & job-killing regs, right? If both GOP senators vote against them, they only apply to blue states?”

There is no chance this digital bantering about legislation will play out as reality in the law-making process for the country. Cruz made a sharp point about Republicans not wanting to fund the spend-happy habits of Democrats that are sinking the nation further into debt.

It would be eye-opening to Democrat voters if they had to suffer more of the tax burden for all the debt-fueled legislation their elected officials propose and pass. Why not shift tax burdens to Democrat-led cities and states? Let their constituents pay their full share of bloated, needless programs that don’t solve problems. And let Republican cities and states pay for any fat-cat federal funds they receive.

If these burdens shifted more directly to voters in each party, the political outcry would be deafening. Then maybe Congress could get something done that truly benefits all citizens.

Key Takeaways:

  • Twit on Twitter calls out Republican senators but gets burned.
  • Texas Sen. Ted Cruz accepts radical law-making challenge.
  • More equally distributed tax burdens would cause political outcry.

Source: Fox News