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Texas Governor Signs Historic New Law – This Is the 1 Action We’ve All Been Waiting For


Since the start of the border crisis, Texas has been waging a war to protect its borders. Gov. Abbott has claimed the president refuses to provide aid.

So, the state has been expending resources to discourage illegal entry.

It has been so successful, that the migrant flood is shifting to Arizona and other border states. Now, the governor has signed a trio of laws that could keep illegal immigration out of Texas for good.

From Daily Wire:
Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill on Monday that makes it a crime to illegally enter the state…

The law will allow Texas to deport those who cross into the state back to Mexico, which would be a direct challenge to the catch-and-release policy currently practiced by the Biden administration.

Gov. Abbott of Texas signed a collection of bills into law aimed at defending its large border with Mexico. The top bill makes illegal immigration into Texas a state crime.

This law authorizes Texas law enforcement to apprehend illegal border crossers. And the law even requires such criminals to be deported back to Mexico. This law is aimed at enlisting more law enforcement in the battle to defend the Texas border.

It could also set the stage for a bitter legal fight with the federal government. Supreme Court precedent forbids states from deporting illegal aliens. In addition, the White House is releasing all illegal aliens into the country.

It is possible Abbott signed this law with the intent to trigger a Supreme Court battle. Perhaps he is hoping the court will overturn its previous ruling and allow states to deport illegal crossers.

Along with this bill, Abbott signed more legislation that will provide resources for border security. One appropriates $1 billion to build new barriers. This is in direct defiance of the Biden administration, which has tried to cut down barriers put up by the state.

Source: Daily Wire