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Text Message From Fani Willis’ Office Reveals More Shady Behavior


Text messages recently disclosed in court reveal that an investigator in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ hit on a witness while investigating a case.

The latest scandal was revealed in the course of Willis’ sprawling RICO case against the YSL (Young Slime Life) rap collective in Atlanta. The group, which is headlined by trap star Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams, has been accused of partaking in the drug trade, murder and other acts of violence by Willis’ office. Willis has alleged that YSL amounts to a criminal organization, a legal theory she has also deployed against former President Trump and his associates.

On Monday, new details emerged about the conduct of one of Willis’ employees. While questioning a female witness identified as A. Bennett on the stand, an attorney for Williams asked about messages that the witness received from a county investigator named Hamilton, Newsweek reported.

One text message, that was reportedly sent by Hamilton, read: “Hit me up if you’re bored later. We’re not gonna talk shop.”

When asked what the investigator wanted to talk about at the meeting, Bennett revealed that Hamilton was trying to get her to go on a date with him. “And this is February 7 of 2024, this year, when the investigator for the DA’s office is supposed to be talking to you about a case, but in fact, is calling you talking about going on a date. Is that true?” Adams asked the witness.

“Yes,” Bennett replied.

The witness also testified Monday that Hamilton referred to her as “mama” on numerous occasions. “G[ood] m[orning] Mama. Hope you slept well. Again don’t come at 1:30. I have a feeling the defense will keep this same witness from yesterday all day again today. I’ll give you an update at 3pm. You will most likely go up tomorrow morning. I’ll talk 2 u soon,” the investigator texted to the witness in a message that was shown to the court.

Bennett is testifying about a robbery that Williams and a number of his associates were allegedly involved in. Williams and 27 others were indicted in a sweeping RICO case brought by Willis’ office in 2022.

Like the RICO case brought against former President Trump, the YSL case has proceeded at a snail’s pace, with jury selection taking more than a year.