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Things Just Went From Bad To Worse For Fani Willis…


I am not a prosecutor, but it is likely a local prosecutor’s wet dream to bring a case against a former U.S. President.

These people thrive off of high-profile career moves like this, hence why they become bureaucrats and government parasites in the first place—they’re all just thirsting for power.

Fani Willis was riding high when she brought her bogus case against President Trump, but now the whole thing has come crashing down.

Recent testimony in the ongoing Willis proceedings has cast further doubt on Willis’ testimony regarding the timeline for her relationship with attorney Nathan Wade.

Wade’s former law partner Terrence Bradley took the stand on Tuesday and was questioned about several revealing texts in which he appeared to confirm that he believed Willis and Wade’s relationship began before Wade was tasked by Willis as being the special prosecutor on the Trump case.

Although Bradley faltered, backtracked, and claimed that his texts were merely speculation, they still don’t bode well for Willis or Wade.

More importantly, Willis’ own testimony might bring her face-to-face with perjury charges, according to legal experts.

At the center of the potential perjury charges is the timeline for Willis and Wade’s relationship—which is coming into further doubt with each passing testimony and the submission of phone records by the Trump legal team.

Here are the latest developments in the ongoing Fani Willis proceedings:

Newsweek spoke to one legal expert, who claimed:

Eric Anderson, counsel at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, told Newsweek that Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr may pursue perjury charges against Willis, a Democrat.

“Given the political climate, I would not be completely surprised if the attorney general, a Republican, acts.

Attorney General Carr has shown a willingness to take on elected officials in criminal proceedings before,” Anderson said.

“There are signs of perjury all over the testimony of Fani Willis and her special prosecutor “friend.” In Georgia, the penalty for JUST ONE case of perjury is a fine of up to $1000 and/or prison for 1-10 years. So, let’s see if there’s still justice in America,” Glenn Beck said.


ABC News reports:

According to Trump’s filing, the cellphone records also show that Wade exchanged thousands of calls and text messages with Willis in 2021.

Trump’s filing on Friday was based on an affidavit from a criminal investigator who said he conducted the analysis on Wade’s subpoenaed AT&T phone records spanning from January through November of 2021.