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Top NATO Boss Unloads 1 Disturbing Order – Get Ready for the Worst, America


During the Trump administration, we saw peace spreading across unexpected regions. Even in the Middle East, previously hostile nations were building bridges through the Abrahamic Accords.

But once Biden entered office, all that went away. Thanks to President Biden, Afghanistan is back under Taliban rule.

Russia has invaded Europe, sparking major fears. War is raging in the Middle East, provoked by Iran. And China might be invading Taiwan. Now, the chief of NATO’s Military Committee, Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, is making this dire warning.

From Breitbart:
The time has come for public and private actors in the West to prepare for an era in which anything could happen at any time, including fighting a war, a top NATO military official said Wednesday.

“The tectonic plates of power are shifting. As a result: we face the most dangerous world in decades”…

That all changed with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and the increasing fears now being expressed across Europe that a Donald Trump return to the White House will lead to an entire reset of U.S. relations with the region in general and NATO in particular.

NATO officials are warning that “anything” can happen in Europe, including a war breaking out “at any time.” One official is calling on NATO nations to begin a “warfighting transformation.”

It appears NATO officials believe the war with Russia will spill out beyond the boundaries of Ukraine. NATO could be dragged into a conflict with Russia and its allies, which include China.

Most NATO nations are not prepared for a real war. That was underscored by concerns that Donald Trump would return to the White House. Trump famously demanded NATO nations pay their fair share—instead of the U.S. bankrolling Europe’s military infrastructure.

These NATO nations were comfortable with the status quo of America paying for everything and the seeming lack of possible conflict. But under Biden, war is at their doorstep. And these nations can pretend like America will bail them out.

A future Trump administration could be a major benefit to NATO. Trump’s no-nonsense approach to negotiations and his goal of peace could prevent global conflict. But while Biden remains in office, apparently a shill for the military-industrial complex, Europe and the rest of the world is on alert.

Source: Breitbart