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Top Republican Reveals Terrible News for Mayorkas – This Could Finally End His Career for Good


Republicans continue to hammer Biden’s ant-border policies that have caused a a catastrophic crisis. Biden himself has publicly admitted that border is not secure.

Despite knowing the border is wide open, Biden allows his appointed officials to keep doing little to stop what Republicans call an invasion. Biden’s weakness on the border prompted Republicans to investigate his top border official. That investigation is almost complete.

Republicans say Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas isn’t following the Constitution and should be impeached. The GOP-lead House is gearing up to vote on his impeachment after a detailed investigation, according to Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-TN).

From The Daily Wire:
“Right now, we are assembling articles of impeachment to present to our committee,” Green said. “We will mark those up in committee very shortly after getting back [the week of January 29]. And then, passing the committee, they will go to the floor for a vote on the floor.”

Republicans are rallying the troops as they prepare for a vote following their second impeachment hearing last week. Green said the target for a House floor vote is sometime in February. The challenge for the GOP is ensuring enough party members are present for a vote. Republicans hold a slim majority in the House.

“One of our challenges is just the folks that are out for health issues right now, but once those individuals get back, I anticipate a very quick vote on the floor,” Green said.

Green believes there are enough GOP votes to approve impeachment of Mayorkas. He’s not so confident that the embattled head of Homeland will lose his job. Even if the House votes in favor of impeachment, the Senate will have to approve. That is doubtful with Democrats holding a slim majority and impeachment requiring a two-thirds vote of approval.

Democrats have chided the impeachment proceedings as a “political stunt” and the White House called GOP efforts “unconstitutional.”

Green said Mayorkas has been ignoring laws passed by Congress and created systems, including “lawful parole,” that contradict immigration and Nationality Act that was passed by this Congress.

“If a Cabinet secretary doesn’t believe in those laws, he should run for Congress and come over here and change them,” Green said. “He shouldn’t, just like a king, do whatever he wants. He doesn’t get to write the laws or pick and choose.”

Source: The Daily Wire