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Trump Just Exposed Oprah Winfrey – Her Fans Will Be Furious with Donald’s New Revelation


We might forget that, long before Donald Trump was president, he was an iconic businessman and celebrity. As one of the richest and most influential people in America, celebrities flocked to him and his properties. Many of them wanted Trump on their good side, so they could ply him for favors.

And he’s exposing all of them in his new book.

The media, Hollywood, celebrities, and most of the establishment turned on Trump went he ran for president. One of the most praised figures in our culture was suddenly Enemy Number One. All because he wanted to secure the border and bring jobs back to America. Trump is reminding the world of how these “stars” used to treat him. And a very famous name is popping up in his book.

From The Post Millennial:

Among the plethora of other names featured in the book, Oprah Winfrey is reportedly going to be featured, who had asked Trump to use Mar-a-Lago as a location for a business partner’s funeral…

Fox News’ Mark Levin revealed various portions of the upcoming book, including a letter from Winfrey that said: “There’s nothing like being treated like a queen by a man who knows how to be a king.”

Wow. Oprah was once one of many celebrities who associated with Trump and sought his favor. She wrote to him, making requests, on several occasions. In Trump’s new book, he reveals how Oprah used to treat him.

She once requested Trump allow her to use Mar-a-Lago to host a funeral for a business partner. In one letter, she called him “a king.” In 2000, Trump sent her a book called “The America we Deserve.” He wrote a note in it suggesting that if he had to choose a vice president, his first choice would be her.

Oprah wrote back thanking Trump for his kind words. It seemed the two had a good acquaintance until he actually ran for president. Donald Trump ran in 2016 as a Republican, outraging the many liberals who once praised him. Trump’s America First agenda seemed to sicken these celebrities, who constantly claim to be on our side.

But when Trump actually proved he was on our side, these “luminaries” turned on him. But it’s nice to know just how frail a celebrities’ loyalties are. When Trump could help them out, they loved him. The moment he wanted to help us, they became his enemy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump revealed letters from Oprah in his new book.
  • Oprah once praised Trump as “a king” and sought favors from him.
  • When Trump announced his candidacy for president, Oprah turned on him.

Source: The Post Millennial