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Trump Scores New Victory in Washington Swamp – Judge Just Gave Donald What He Requested

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Over the year, Democrat prosecutors issued four indictments against former President Donald Trump. Many critics have accused Democrats of leading a campaign to derail the 2024 Election. Those suspicions appear to have been confirmed, based on the dates of some of these trials.

One of Trump’s trials will begin in March 2024. That is right as primary voting heats up, with many states going to the polls. Some have claimed Democrats want Trump to waste time and money defending himself, instead of campaign.

Trump’s legal team has been battling leftist prosecutors, a biased mainstream media, and even liberal-leaning judges. They have fought to secure one provision that could help his case. And a D.C. just issued his verdict.

From The Epoch Times:
A federal judge in Washington partially granted a request by former President Donald Trump’s attorneys to allow for extra time to file motions in the federal election obstruction case ahead of his March 2024 trial…

The judge granted President Trump some additional time to file motions, although she mostly rejected his lawyer’s requests to delay the trial deadlines. In her order, she rejected the former president’s request to order a declassified version of some of the government’s court filings regarding classified evidence.

The federal judge presiding over Trump’s case in D.C. granted a request by his legal team. They wanted additional time to prepare arguments against special counsel Jack Smith’s accusations. The judge rejected most of the team’s requests but did grant additional time.

Trump’s team has tried to push back most of his trials, to avoid conflict with the 2024 Election. In most cases, the judges presiding over these trials have refused to cooperate with the defendant. This will only convince voters that Trump is being targeted by Democrats to sway the election.

The four indictments against Trump are unprecedented in American history. Many legal experts have criticized the move. Some have speculated whether a former president can or should be indicted as a criminal.

Others have wondered what would happen if Trump is indicted but then wins the 2024 Election. Most believe he will be indicted in some of these cases, but will take them to the Supreme Court through appeals.

Source: The Epoch Times