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Trump Slaps Newsom with Perfect Nickname – Everyone in America Should Call Him This


Successful brands in business have developed names that draw people to their purpose or product. A single name can spur millions to follow the brand and buy its products.

Former President Donald Trump knows how to build a powerful brand in business. He translated that skill to the world of politics where he built a level of influence not seen before in American history. His name alone translates to success, patriotism, and a love for the United States.

The flip side to the power of branding is that a nickname can be applied to a political opponent that brings them down in the eyes of the public. Trump’s opponents refer to this as name-calling while he likens it to tagging a rival with a negative brand.

From The Daily Wire:
On Thursday, former President Donald Trump shared a new moniker for California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, a top campaign surrogate for President Joe Biden who is widely seen as a potential White House contender in the future.

“You look at what this Governor New Scum from California — isn’t that his name? New Scum. What he’s done to California is unbelievable,” Trump said while critiquing policies that he argued were driving illegal immigration into the United States.

Trump stuck the tag on Newsom while the former president was speaking during a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas. He was focused on the topic of illegal immigration which is a burning concern among Americans leading into the November presidential election.

Eagle Pass is ground zero in a legal standoff between Texas and the Biden administration over the border crisis caused by the historic surge in illegal crossings. Biden tried to counter Trump’s visit with a stop in Brownsville, Texas.

Trump famously tagged his political opponents with often insulting nicknames during his first presidential campaign and throughout his term as president. No one can be sure that the nickname for Newsom will stick, but it should get a lot of play from Trump and his supporters.

Trump recently addressed CPAC and tagged the current White House occupant as “Crooked Joe Biden,” repurposing a label he affixed to Hillary Clinton. He took a shot at Newsom during his speech.

“A lot of people think Gavin Newsom is going to run. In a certain way, I hope so,” Trump said. “I hope so. Because he’s destroyed California.”

Newsom countered during a weekend interview on a liberal mainstream media TV show. He rejected the thought that Democrats are underestimating Trump in 2024.

“I think he’s weakness masquerading as strength. I think he’s more unhinged. He’s more – he’s less interesting than he was even a few years ago,” Newsom said.

Newsom boldly claimed that Biden should debate Trump during the general election campaign this fall and shrugged off concerns over Biden’s age. Newsom believes Biden’s age is why “he’s been so successful.”

Newsom said that he is 100 percent not running for president this year and he finds the topic “not even an interesting conversation.”

Maybe the idea of going all over the country and being greeted as New Scum is too tough a brand for the slick politician from the West Coast.

Source: The Daily Wire