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Tucker Carlson Makes Prank Call of the Year – Sends Top World Leader Reeling


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has blazed his own trail. Since leaving the news network, he has re-launched his show on X. Carlson has also started his own network. And he has appeared around the world, meeting with some of the biggest leaders.

Carlson made a surprise appearance in Spain recently, showing his support for citizens’ fight for liberty. He also interviewed Argentina’s new president, Libertarian Javier Milei, when nobody thought he could win.

Now, Tucker is continuing his streak of unexpected—yet ground-breaking—style of journalism. He plans to visit this unlikely hotbed of authoritarianism. But before he went, he decided to give their leader a hilarious heads-up.

From The Post Millennial:
In an epic prank call, Carlson called Canada’s press office and left the following message: “This is Tucker Carlson from the United States. And I’d be grateful if you’d pass on a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

“We are coming to liberate Canada. We are coming to liberate Canada, and we’ll be there soon. Mercí.”…

Carlson made the call in advance of his trip to Calgary, Alberta, where he will share a stage with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

In a post shared on X, Tucker Carlson called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office. He left a voicemail for Trudeau, warning him of his impending trip to Canada. Tucker claimed, “We are coming to liberate Canada” in an apparent swipe at Trudeau’s policies.

Once upon a time, Trudeau was beloved by liberals the world over. Some compared him to former President Barack Obama—suggesting they were both young, charismatic, symbols of progress.

But in recent years, Trudeau has lost favor with many of his citizens. The prime minister infamously imposed strict COVID vaccine mandates, which jeopardized workers. In a scene witnessed by the entire world, Trudeau went to war with a convoy of truckers who protested his policies. Many of those truckers have been prosecuted and imprisoned, in cases compared to Biden’s treatment of J6 participants.

It is likely that Carlson will call out Trudeau’s seemingly tyrannical actions. He will also call out Canada’s ongoing slide into authoritarian socialism, along with the erosion of civil liberties.

Source: The Post Millennial