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Tucker Carlson Makes Surprise Appearance – This Could Mean the Trump VP Rumor Is True


It’s no secret that Donald Trump is leading the GOP primary field. He is sure to win the nomination, short of a shocking twist.

Many are already discussing his running mate. Trump has been tight-lipped about his plans.

But during a recent interview, he seemed open to selecting former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Now, speculation might start exploding, after Tucker made this surprise appearance.

From The Post Millennial:
The crowd at UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden in New York burst into cheers and applause as former President Donald Trump made his grand entrance to the event alongside legendary rock singer Kid Rock and world-renowned journalist Tucker Carlson.

Trump attended UFC 295, entering Madison Square Garden with Dana White, Kid Rock, and Tucker Carlson. Donald Trump is a known fan of the sport and is friends with owner Dana White. It’s no surprise to see Kid Rock attend the event; the venue even played one of his songs as they entered.

But the appearance of Tucker Carlson should raise a few eyebrows. Up until recently, it did not appear as if Carlson was a friend of Trump’s. He did air an interview with Trump on Twitter, during the first GOP debate.

That interview brought in a reported 100 million views–significantly more than the estimated audience of the debate.

This appears to be the first time since that interview Tucker has been seen with Trump. It is unknown if the newsman frequently attends social events with the former president. This could have been a one-off occurrence.

Or, this could be a sign that Carlson and Trump are spending more time with each other. This might lead some to believe Carlson is discussing the possibility of running with Trump, should he win the nomination.

Carlson’s stock among conservatives skyrocketed after he was unceremoniously fired from Fox News. He announced he would continue his show on Twitter, no X, and has seen viewership explode. The host recently announced a partnership with PublicSq, further solidifying his success.

But does that mean he will soon jump from media to politics? It’s anyone’s guess as of right now. But the rumor mill is bound to heat up after this show.

Source: The Post Millennial