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Tucker Carlson Puts Rupert Murdoch On Notice, Hires Powerhouse Lawyer To Handle Departure


Ex-Fox News star Tucker Carlson put Rupert Murdoch on notice and hired a powerhouse after Fox News shocked the nation and sent the highest-rated host on cable packing with a terse announcement. 

Tucker hired Bryan Freedman, according to multiple media reports, to deal with Fox News and the Murdoch family. Tucker was earning around $20 million a year. Freedman specializes in media disputes and has won big money for his past clients.

Some of his high-profile clients include Vin Diesel, Quentin Tarantino, Julia Roberts, Robert Downey Jr., and Mariah Carey. He helped Megyn Kelly get $30 million from NBC News after she was abruptly fired by the network in 2019.

Freedman also represented “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison who got a $10 million exit settlement with ABC.

Chris Cuomo hired Freedman in his wrongful termination suit against CNN. Cuomo is suing for $125 million.

Don Lemon also hired Freeman.

Lemon’s departure from CNN turned nasty earlier with the network publicly debunking Lemon’s statement on his firing.

Fox News tried to turn the page last night barely mentioning Tucker.

Brian Kilmeade was the host for Tucker’s hour. He said: 

“As you probably have heard, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways.

“I wish Tucker the best.

“I’m great friends with Tucker and always will be.

“But right now, it’s time for ‘Fox News Tonight,’ so let’s get started.”

Trump said of Tucker’s firing: “He’s a very good person, a very good man and very talented, as you know.

“I just said, Wow, that was something, that’s a big one. 

“I don’t know if it was voluntary, or was it, was somebody fired, but I think Tucker has been terrific – especially over the last year or so, he’s been terrific to me.”