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Tucker Carlson Talks UFO Disclosure In Wild Episode: ‘Whatever They Are, They Are Not Of Human Origin’


Tucker Carlson discussed the presence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) with U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), who has been one of the leading members of Congress behind disclosure, in a wild episode of Tucker on X.

“Earlier this year, Congress passed something called the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023. The law requires the US government to tell the public what it knows about the countless unidentified flying objects that have been spotted in the skies above earth over the past 3000 years. It’s designed to be, and it very well could be, a transformative piece of legislation,” Carlson began.

“And it comes at a time when we can finally say with confidence that the most unlikely sounding theories about UFOs are actually true. Yes, these things are real. They’re not all weather balloons. They’re not experimental aircraft from this or any other country. Whatever they are, they are not of human origin, nor do they behave according to the laws of known physics,” he continued. “And yes, the U.S. government currently has physical evidence that they exist. That means wreckage of the craft as well as the bodies of the beings that flew them. Amazingly, all of this is true. We know that from the detailed testimony, much of it under oath, from several high-level whistleblowers including longtime intel officers.”

Carlson was then joined by Rep. Burchett, who chaired a hearing on the topic earlier this year. The panel heard testimony from a number of whistleblowers, including former Air Force intelligence officer Davd Grusch, who claimed that the U.S. government is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial aircraft and technology.

The wild episode can be viewed below: