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“Vote These Clowns Out”: Gunman Opens Fire On Outdoor Diners In Chicago


A manager at a Chicago restaurant denounced Lori Lightfoot after a gunman opened fire on diners sitting on an outside patio at a West Loop restaurant. The manager was shot in the leg and told local media, “vote these clowns out.”

The manager of The Aberdeen Tap was shot in the leg and is recovering. “The shooter rolled down the window and yelled, ‘What the f*ck are you looking at?’ before unloading a clip into a group full of innocent people,” a witness said.

“They were screaming and arguing for close to two minutes while stopped at the stop sign,” Aberdeen Tap’s manager said of the people in the car that shot at the innocent diners. (See Video Below)

She continued:

“I had a full patio, and people were watching this altercation the entire time.

“The male in the back left seat of the SUV saw everyone watching and proceeded to scream out the window at us, asking WTF we were looking at over and over again.

“Luckily, I am the only one who got shot. 

“And luckily I am still alive. 

“The bullet hit my lower left calf and just missed my bone and an artery.

“This post isn’t to gain sympathy or pity. 

“It is to call out this wild west city that Chicago has become. 

“It is to call out the people who are in charge. 

“The ‘leaders’ who should be doing something.”

“Vote these clowns out of office or we will all be paying the price for the next four years,” she said.

According to CWB Chicago:

The video shows groups of friends kicking back and enjoying a summer evening on the restaurant’s sidewalk cafe, which lines the 1100 block of West Hubbard in the West Loop. Strings of overhead lights and a patio umbrella, folded for the beautiful weather, sway gently in the light breeze.

Across the street, a white SUV sits in the traffic lane. Witnesses said it is the vehicle the gunman fired from. Three people—possibly two Hispanic men and a Hispanic woman—were inside.