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White House Staffers Come Clean About Biden’s Temper: “Egomaniacal Autocrat”


President Joe Biden yells curse words at his aides so often that some don’t like to meet with him in private according to new leaks coming from inside the White House.

The president’s tirades include: “God dammit, how the f**k don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f**king bullsh*t me!” and “Get the f**k out of here!”

“There’s no question that the Biden temper is for real. It may not be as volcanic as Bill Clinton’s, but it’s definitely there,” said Chris Whipple, author of “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House.”

Ted Kaufman, Biden’s chief of staff in the Senate said: “If there is something that’s not in the brief, he’s going to find it.

 “It’s not to embarrass people, it’s because he wants to get to the right decision. Most people who have worked for him like the fact that he challenges them and gets them to a better decision.”

Jeff Connaughton, a former Biden campaign and Senate aide said about Biden’s temper in his 2012 book on Washington corruption: “egomaniacal autocrat, determined to manage his staff through fear.”

Connaughton told Axios that Biden “hides his sharper edge to promote his folksy Uncle Joe image — which is why, when flashes of anger break through, it seems so out of public character.”

According to Axios:

“Speaking Biden” is a particular skill, they said. It can take years to learn to navigate his moodiness, and anticipate what information he’s going to ask for in a briefing.

Some administration officials, many of whom went to elite schools, struggle with Biden’s demand to ditch wonky, acronym-filled language and brief him as if they were talking to a close family member who isn’t in the D.C. bubble.

Biden’s defenders acknowledge he can be tough. But they also say he can be more generous and compassionate than many powerful politicians and can make them feel like family.

That’s partly why so many aides have worked with Biden for decades, and go in and out of his orbit, they say.