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Whoopi Goldberg Blindsided by Her Audience – They Just Laughed at the “Wrong” Joke


What’s Happening:

Once, a long time ago, Whoopi Goldberg was a beloved household name. She got famous for her innovative, irreverent comedy. And she parlayed that success into a brilliant film career. Sadly, times have changed and, if Whoopi is talked about at all, it isn’t for good reasons.

Her career has washed up on the waste pile called The View. The former actress is one of several leftist women who complain and bicker. It’s what ABC calls morning TV. Recently, she tried to take a shot at our former vice president, Mike Pence. She quoted one of his jokes, to shame the man. She wasn’t expecting this reaction from her audience.

From The Western Journal:

When the audience of the show “The View” showed mild amusement Tuesday at a recounting of a joke told by former Vice President Mike Pence, co-host Goldberg had to stop the fun with a sour scolding. She tried to browbeat the audience by saying the joke was not funny, implying it was a dud because Republicans said it.

Wow. It seems that the old comedienne has lost her funny bone. She tried to defend the disgraced head of the Department of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. The man was MIA during a serious crisis. It was one of many times he was not at work when the country was in free fall.

His excuse? The gay man was on “maternity leave.” Uh… how does that work?

Mike Pence reportedly joked that Buttigieg is the only person in history to go on maternity leave… and everyone else gets postpartum depression. Dang, Pence has got some good writers! Whoopi quoted the joke, in an attempt to slander the former vice president.

Instead, she got a laugh… for the first time in thirty years! She was shocked that her audience would laugh at a joke and actually scolded them. Hey Whoopi! Have you forgotten how humor works? We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Didn’t you teach us that?

But this is what the radical left has become. Grumpy, miserable nannies who scold us for having fun. Even a former entertainer can’t appreciate a well-timed joke, because she is so entrenched in her leftist politics.

Listen, Pete Buttigieg has failed at his job. But even if he was good at it, he’s just as ripe for comedy as anyone else. Whoopi would have had no problem making fun of Trump, Pence, or DeSantis, right? Then, why is she so hard on this?

Key Takeaways:

  • Whoopi Goldberg scolded her audience after telling them a joke.
  • She was trying to shame Mike Pence over a joke he made about Pete Buttigieg.
  • Goldberg was once a beloved comedienne but is now part of the miserable left.

Source: The Western Journal