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Woke Harvard Sinks to a New Low – Check Out This Pathetic Campus Move


The controversy over Harvard in recent months has underscored how much the nation’s most prestigious school has become “woke.” The once internationally respected university has now become a breeding ground for far-left progressive views.

It’s gotten so bad, the former president couldn’t even condemn openly anti-Semitic views. The school was even prepared to protect her, even as accusations of plagiarism mounted.

Claudine Gay was forced to resign, after facing accusations that she’s stolen from other authors. It was an embarrassing moment that should force the school to reevaluate its values. Instead, they did this.

From Daily Wire:
The Harvard Divinity School’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging hosted a “Gathering to Breathe and Heal” event on Thursday to help students grieve the resignation of disgraced former President Claudine Gay…

The event was intended to give participants the opportunity to “gather to breathe and to heal.”

A school once revered for academic rigor and achievement has hosted a “Gathering to Breathe and Heal” over their president’s ousting. The event is apparently meant to help people “heal,” as if Gay’s leaving the school brought emotional suffering to the students.

Gay was exposed for stealing the content of other writers. In some cases, she took nearly entire pages of writing for her works, without attributing the other author. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic community. But only after intense pressure from outside the school, did Gay resign.

It does not appear that this event was about confronting the wrongdoing of the former president. Instead, it appears students were “mourning” her loss while refusing to acknowledge that she committed plagiarism.

This event will no doubt be compared to the “safe spaces” that have become common in American colleges and universities. Progressives have turned schools of higher learning into what appear to be expensive daycare centers. Instead of challenging and educating students, they are placating them like children.

News of this event might also further harm the school’s reputation among Americans. Harvard has been repeatedly criticized in recent years over race-based admissions processes and exorbitant tuitions—while sitting on billions.

Source: Daily Wire