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Woman Spits On Cops Arresting Murder Suspect, Gets Knocked Out


A woman in New York City went viral for all the wrong reasons after she spit on cops trying to arrest a murder suspect and got knocked out by a male NYPD detective who reached his limit with the unruly crowd.

The incident went down in Harlem at 5 pm on Tuesday. Detective Kendo D. Kincey and his colleagues were in the process of arresting 22-year-old Elvin James who was wanted in connection to an August 12 murder.

The NYPD said the man had a loaded firearm and a large amount of illegal drugs on him at the time of the arrest. When they tried to arrest him a number of individuals began to assault them and interfere with the arrest. (See Video Below)

The cops did their best with the surging, screaming crowd until a young woman came up behind them and got in their faces.

Officer Kincey tried to push her out of the crowd by shoving her but she smacked him right back and allegedly spit on him and the other cops.

That didn’t sit well with Kincey who had enough. He proceeded to knock her out.

According to The Daily Mail:

It was was unclear if the woman hit her head on the pavement, but she could be seen dazed and clutching her face with both her hands as people in the crowd shouted at Kinsey ‘Why’d you do that! She’s just a little girl!’ 

Kinsey and another officer then calmly helped the woman to her feet, then cuffed and led her away wordless and with a blank expression on her face.

The NYPD said besides James, two women – Tamani Crum, 19, and Faith Harrell, 27 – were arrested for chares including assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

A third woman, 26, was given a court summons for spitting on an officer. 

It is unclear if any of those women were the one Kinsey punched in the video.

Kinsey began service with the NYPD as a police officer in 2005. He became a detective specialist in 2021 and serves in the 32nd Precinct.