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Zelensky Is FRANTIC, Sudden Changes Indicate The End Is Near


Have you ever seen the German World War II film Downfall?

It chronicles the final days of Adolf Hitler as Germany was facing an imminent defeat at the hands of the Allied powers.

Those who have watched the film know that Hitler was frantic during the final days of the war, and acted erratically, issued conflicting orders, etc.

What is reportedly going on in Zelensky’s inner circle feels a lot like the events chronicled in Downfall.

Beset by the Russians on all sides, Zelensky is frantic and firing his aides left and right—this is not the behavior of someone winning a war.

It is frantic behavior from someone increasingly cornered and in a precarious position. A cornered animal will do anything to survive. Here’s what is currently being reported:

The New York Post confirmed:

Zelensky ousted two key staffers — his top aide, Serhiy Shefir, along with the nation’s Commissioner for Soldiers’ Rights, Alyona Verbytska, along with four other government workers.

No reasons were offered for their expulsions

This user pointed out: “Today Zelensky sacked his chief of staff, Sergei Shefir, and advisers Sergei Trofimov, Mikhail Radutsky and Oleg Ustenko. Alena Verbitskaya, the presidential commissioner for servicemen’s rights, and Natalia Pushkareva, the commissioner for volunteer activities, have also lost their jobs.”

NBC News had the latest on Russia’s massive strikes inside Ukraine:

Ukraine’s air force said Saturday that Russia launched 12 Shahed drones overnight, nine of which were shot down, and fired four missiles into eastern Ukraine.

Russia unleashed a barrage of 38 missiles, 75 airstrikes and 98 attacks from multiple rocket launchers over the last 24 hours, Ukraine’s armed forces said in social media posts.