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2024 Candidate Makes Huge Decision – And It Has an Immediate Impact on Trump


Former President Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. According to most polls, he has a commanding lead over other candidates.

There are still several candidates vying for the nominations. They have appeared in two debates and continue making a case to early primary states.

But one candidate’s campaign has come to an end. He was a long-shot candidate, polling far below his fellow Republicans. And now, he is turning to Donald Trump.

From Fox News:
Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder announced Thursday evening that he had suspended his campaign and immediately endorsed former President Donald Trump…

…according to the latest polls, Elder’s support continues to hover at between 0-1%.

And in his statement Thursday, Elder called for Republicans to rally around Trump as their presidential candidate.


Larry Elder is a conservative talk radio host who entered politics to defeat California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Earlier in the year, he announced a presidential race. But Elder failed to gain enough support to qualify for the GOP debates.

It is unclear if he could have gained enough support to appear on any state primary ballots. This week, he has ended his campaign and is backing Donald Trump. In a post to X, he told Republicans it was “time to unite behind” the former president.

Elder’s fortunes started to fade dramatically after he accused the GOP of silencing him. He even threatened to sue the Republican National Committee after they refused to invite him to the first primary debate.

At the time, Elder accused the system of being “rigged” claiming the party was “afraid” of having his “voice on the debate state.”

Donald Trump enjoys a commanding lead over his GOP rivals. But he is facing tremendous headwinds in his path to the White House, including numerous criminal and civil trials. Critics have accused Democrats of trying to derail his campaign with these legal hurdles.

Experts have weighed in on the consequences of Trump’s numerous indictments, but nobody knows what will happen if he is convicted before the election.

Source: Fox News