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After Judge Brings Back Trump Gag Order – Lawyer Unloads Shock Prediction for Donald


Former President Donald Trump isn’t putting on the brakes for his presidential campaign despite multiple criminal and civil court cases against him. He has defied all expectations of liberals who believed these legal actions would derail his bid to return to the White House.

Trump has been defiant throughout his court cases and has openly attacked the prosecutors, judges, and court staff involved. This has prompted several judges to issue gag orders against him which Trump promptly defied on multiple occasions.

The problem for Trump is that these gag orders are real and backed by the weight of the courts. A legal expert on a liberal newscast stated that he believes trump is going to jail for his defiance. Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal believes judges will have to jail Trump for his actions.

From Breitbart:
“If he continues this behavior, no other litigant in this country would ever be able to do what he is doing,” Katyal said.

Katyal explained that there are two different gag orders affecting Trump. One gag order, from his civil fraud case in New York state, has beef violated by Trump twice and he has been fined. He has also continued verbal attacks against those involved in the federal case in Washington, D.C., after the gag order there was placed on pause.

Katyal believes that Trump himself is making the case for imposing the gag orders and punishing him for his violations.

“He is witnessing for why you need the gag order in effect,” Katyal said. “Because the moment that (federal) gag order was put on pause, he started developing and attacking people left and right.”

Trump has claimed that all the court cases against him are politically motivated attempts to interfere in the 2024 presidential election and has repeatedly attacked the prosecutors in his campaign speeches. He also claims that any gag order is a violation of his constitutional right to free speech.

Trump’s verbal attacks and his promises to defy any gag orders provide fuel for judges in these cases to come down harder on him. Katyal believes it’s just a matter of time before Trump repeatedly lets loose and these judges act.

“Repeatedly to the point where a judge is going to have to confront the ultimate question, ‘Are we going to put the former president in jail?’ and I think there is only one answer to that,” Katyal said.

Katyal said that, politics aside, judges have to decide on jailing the president because “when you put out that robe is that it is about the legitimacy of the court and about the judicial process.”

That may be all well and true, but if all these court cases – with some arguably questionable charges – had never been filed then Trump wouldn’t be in this situation. It makes sense that Trump should hold his tongue considering the legal environment, but on the other hand he should have ever right to speak his mind in his quest for regaining the White House.

Source: Breitbart