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7 GOP Senators Suddenly Turn RINO – They Could Jeopardize the Election and the Nation


Donald Trump dominated the 2024 presidential primaries. Despite strong rivals with large war chests, Trump swept delegates from coast to coast. Polling shows him beating Joe Biden in critical swing states. And it appears Trump’s popularity is only growing.

Not only this, but the New York conviction has seemed to help Trump’s campaign. He received millions of dollars after the guilty verdict had come out.

Most of the GOP is rallying behind Trump, confident he will return to the White House. Now is the time for Republican leaders to ally with the candidate so they can ensure a strong majority in the new Congress. However, there are key holdouts among Republicans. It seems these RINOs refuse to help their party.

From Daily Caller:
Despite Trump’s positive polling and historic fundraising numbers since a New York City jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts against him, there are still several Republicans who will not say whether or not they will be supporting Trump in November…

Here Are The Senate Republicans Who Have Not Endorsed Trump:

  • Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy
  • Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
  • Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Utah Sen. Mitt Romney
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul
  • Maine Sen. Susan Collins
  • Indiana Sen. Todd Young

Romney, Young, Collins and Murkowski have all said they would not be voting for Trump in 2024.

According to the Daily Caller, seven Republican senators have not endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy. Despite being their party’s presidential nominee, they have refused to back Trump officially. Some of these names might be familiar to you. They have been called RINOs and even “traitors” before by party members.

But for this group to be silent when the stakes are so high might be shocking to many voters. Trump’s candidacy isn’t the only one on the ballot this year. Many Republicans will be fighting to enter or hold onto public seats. By refusing to back Trump, these Republicans could be dampening the entire election cycle.

Republicans need more than just the White House. They need a substantial majority in both the House and the Senate. Without that, even a second Trump presidency wouldn’t be enough to reverse the tremendous damage done by Biden.

Do these Republicans want Democrats to continue to run amuck in Washington?

Source: Daily Caller