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Former AG Bill Barr Gives Trump Prediction – Here’s What Will Happen to Donald’s Case


Bill Barr served Donald Trump as the U.S. Attorney General. He was a tough prosecutor who was especially hard on communist China. But after leaving office, he and Trump had a falling out. He refused to agree with Trump on the 2020 Election results.

And the two haven’t seen eye-to-eye ever since. Despite that, Barr continues to provide a voice of reason in an increasingly chaotic legal system.

He recently commented on the shocking guilty verdict rendered against Trump in New York. Barr is no friend of Trump’s, but he had always maintained that the trial was a sham. Now, he is making a big prediction.

From Daily Wire:
Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said this week that he believes the conviction in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s criminal case against former President Donald Trump is likely to be “overturned” because there was “no crime” committed.

“I said from the very start that this was an abomination,” Barr said during an interview…

“This case is going to be overruled because there are just multiple errors and violations of constitutional rights,” he said.

Bill Barr predicted that the guilty verdict against Trump will be overturned. He maintained that there was “no crime” and that Democrats heavily slighted this case. Barr said that the entire thing was a “travesty” and that it harmed the “general health of the country.

But, Barr seemed worried about how and when the case will be overturned. He thinks it will happen after the election. If there is a scenario where the election is close and Biden “squeaks through” to a win, half the country will believe the election was stolen.

Barr fears the damage this entire trial will do to Americans’ confidence in our legal system and democracy. Many already believe Democrats are trying to steal our democracy through “lawfare” against Trump. They think Democrats don’t believe in the will of the people, opting instead to prevent voters from selecting the candidate of their choice.

Given Biden’s terrible performance and polling, Democrats might be motivated to push even harder on this tactic. Barr believes the New York trial was a “grave injustice.” Should Biden win as a result, it could be very bad for the country.