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After 2 Democrats Booted from Office – 2 Presidents Lose Their Minds in Childish Meltdown


What’s Happening:

Recently, we learned about three Tennessee Democrats who stormed the state Capital. They joined with protestors to break the law by disrupting the legislature. These liberals pulled the stunt to get attention, using the recent school shooting as a prop to advance their names.

Republicans stripped these lawmakers of their committee assignments, promising more repercussions. And now, two of these Democrats are facing stiff penalties.

From The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, the Tennessee House voted to remove Reps. Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson, and Justin Pearson in connection to a March 30 protest that led to protestors storming the state Capitol. The House successfully expelled Jones and Pearson.

Two of the three Democrats who stormed the state Capitol have been removed from office. I’m sure these liberals are in no way pleased. But, hey, the rest of the party should be happy, right? After all, Democrats came down very hard on Americans who stormed the Capitol in D.C. So, the same standard should apply to members of their own party, we assume.

From Mediaite:

President Joe Biden torched the “shocking” and “undemocratic” expulsion of Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, two of the “Tennessee Three” who faced the penalty for protesting gun violence in the capitol…

“…state Republican lawmakers called votes today to expel three Democratic legislators who stood in solidarity with students and families and helped lift their voices.”

Oh, so when Trump supporters storm the Capitol, it’s an “insurrection.” But when Democrats storm a state Capitol it’s “standing in solidarity.” I guess right and wrong don’t exist, anymore… if there is a “D” at the end of your name.

But it wasn’t just Sleepy Joe embracing this gross double standard. His boss–a man who might still be calling the shots–was none too pleased with Republicans doing the right thing.

Okay, so when Democrats exploit the deaths of children and storm a government building it’s “peaceful protest”? I guess the same way all those city-destroying riots in 2020 were “peaceful” too, eh Barry? This is the man who helped form destructive activist groups like Black Lives Matter during his time in office. So, why wouldn’t he support Democrats storming the government?

We know the score, Democrats. When Republicans speak their mind, confront injustice, or call out leaders for corruption–it’s “insurrections” and “threats to democracy.” Which require insanely harsh penalties, even the erosion of their rights.

But when Democrats do far worse, firebombing churches, storming government buildings, or threatening Supreme Court justices–it’s “the democratic process” and “patriots fighting for what’s right.”

I see how it is. Democrats refuse to find common ground with Republicans. They want to wipe us out at all costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tennessee Republicans voted to expel two Democrats who stormed the state Capitol.
  • Biden and Obama blasted the move, saying it was “shocking” and “undemocratic.”
  • This comes after Democrats threw Americans in prison for storming the U.S. Capitol.

Source: The Post MillennialMediaiteTwitter