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KJP Crosses a Bright Red Line at White House – Critics Accuse Her of Incitement Charge


What’s Happening:

Not that long ago, a horrific school shooting took the life of six Americans. Three of those Americans were children. Americans have mourned the loss of life, which took place in a Christian school in Nashville.

Such terrible events require a response from our leaders. Unfortunately, the White House’s response has been non-existent. Joe Biden has done nothing to assure Christians that targeted attacks like this won’t happen again. And now, his press secretary crossed a shocking line.

From Fox News:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sparked outrage on Thursday after she praised “fierce” kids who are transgender for their ability to “fight back.” […]

“A trans person killed three Christian children just over a week ago and now the White House is now telling them to fight back,” State Freedom Caucus Network communications director Greg Price tweeted…

“This kind of rhetoric helped cause Nashville… At least by liberals’ own logic,” Conservative writer Pradheep J. Shanker wrote, tagging Jean-Pierre in the tweet.

Unbelievable. The White House is making it clear what side they are on. The press secretary praised transgender young people who “fight back” against Americans who oppose this vile ideology. Jean-Pierre even criticized red states which passed laws to protect children from predators who would force transgenderism onto them.

Not a word about Christians being targeted by killers. Not a condemnation of a radical group that seeks to mutilate children, brainwash vulnerable students, and encourage violence against dissenters.

This kind of aggression wasn’t unique to the Nashville shooter. Across America, transgender activists encourage their comrades to “fight back.” They claim anyone who disagrees with their radical views are threats to their existence.

And now, we have someone from the White House calling on these unhealthy young people to fight those who disagree with them.

Why wouldn’t we expect some of them to pick up guns and shoot Christians? KJP could be responsible for the next mass shooting with this reckless talk. Democrats have long accused Republicans of “inciting violence.”

Shouldn’t we hold KJP to the same standard? Why shouldn’t she be fired for saying this?

Key Takeaways:

  • White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, called on transgenders to “fight back.”
  • This comes just days after a transgender murdered six Americans in a Christian school.
  • KJP is an LGBT activist who is seemingly encouraging violence against Americans.

Source: Fox News