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After America Bindsided by Surprise Attack – You Won’t Believe Biden’s Response

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Recently, we learned about several attacks against American military in the Middle East. Missile fire and drone attacks were aimed at U.S. bases in countries in the region.

According to the Pentagon, the drones were struck done. The media appeared to report that the attacks did not result in any injuries. Now, we are discovering there were far more attacks than reported. And Americans did suffer.

From NBC News:
Two dozen American military personnel were wounded last week in a series of drone attacks at American bases in Iraq and Syria, U.S. Central Command told NBC News on Tuesday…

Twenty American personnel sustained minor injuries on Oct. 18 when at least two one-way attack drones targeted al-Tanf military base in southern Syria, CENTCOM said.

Twenty American servicemembers were injured by drone attacks last week. This was not reported to the American public, only until now. There were numerous attacks in Iraq and Syria. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the groups responsible are being supported by Iran and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

According to the Pentagon, there were at least ten attacks in Iraq and three attacks in Syria.

These might be viewed as attempts by Iran to engage and destroy American targets. Biden has claimed he will not tolerate any hostility against Iran toward Americans. But this was his response to the news that 20 American servicemembers were hurt.

From Wall Street Journal:
Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Tuesday that the U.S. would respond “swiftly and decisively” to any attack on American forces from Iran or its proxies. That’s a welcome message aimed at deterring the mullahs in Tehran and their agents. But will the President enforce the red line he appears to be drawing? He hasn’t so far.

Blinken claimed that if Iran or “its proxies” attacked Americans, “We will defend our people.” So far, however, there’s been no report of a response to thirteen attacks against Americans by Iranian-backed forces.

Terror groups supporters by Iran fired rockets at American bases. They used drones to hit U.S. targets. So far, twenty Americans have been hurt. Yet Biden is refusing to do what President Trump did and hit Iran back.

During Trump’s administration, Iran suffered crippling sanctions. At least once, the U.S. took down an Iranian official–known for training terrorists. It appears, however, that Biden has no plans to stop Iran from continuing these sorties against American bases.

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