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After Republicans Pick New Speaker – Liberal Reporter Suffers Live TV Meltdown


After Rep. Matt Gaetz and a few others joined Democrats to oust Speaker McCarthy, the House has been in near-chaos. For three weeks, Republicans battled each other over the selection of the next Speaker.

A handful of Congress members prevented respected leaders like Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan from acquiring the gavel. This left the House paralyzed as war broke out in Israel.

Only after several votes and closed-door negotiations did the party select their new Speaker. Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana will be the House’s next Speaker. And minutes after the vote, the liberal media was reeling.

From Daily Caller:
An MSNBC reporter went off the rails Wednesday when discussing the election of Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as speaker of the House…

“He’s Jim Jordan with a jacket and a smile,” MSNBC correspondent Ali Vitali told “Deadline: White House” host Nicolle Wallace…

“…this is someone who maybe without the publicity and fanfare is certainly working in lock step on the same ideological and ethos ideas that people like Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise have been talking about over the course of the last several years.”

In what appears to be unapologetic bias, MSNBC’s Ali Vitali slammed the new House Speaker as “Jim Jordan with a jacket and smile.” She accused Johnson of having the “same ideological and ethos ideas” as fellow Republicans Jordan and Scalise.

She even went as far as to suggest Johnson is an enemy of democracy by claiming he has “anti-small-D democratic values.” It appears the mainstream media continues to push the claim that Republicans are trying to undermine or destroy U.S. elections.

Rep. Johnson is known for being a strong conservative who supports conservative values. Like many others, he voted to decertify the 2020 Election results, after the many reports of irregularities reached the public.

Vitali appeared to go after Johnson by claiming he was “someone who provided some of the attempted rationale for how to overturn an election.” Once again, Democrats are attacking Republicans, claiming they are “insurrectionists” because they had their doubts about 2020.

Before Johnson even began his time as Speaker, the mainstream media was seemingly mischaracterizing him to the American public. It is no wonder why so many Americans mistrust most major media outlets.

Source: Daily Caller