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After Anti-Trump Lawyer Exposed in Shock Scandal – MTG Takes 1 Powerful Action Against Her


Plenty of commentators have criticized the case against Trump out of Georgia. Legal experts have questioned if a county district attorney can bring such a case against a former president.

But the Democrat behind the trial, DA Fani Willis, went ahead with it anyway.

She has been hit with several troubling scandals this week. Including the news that she hired a prosecutor with whom she had a romantic relationship. That has not gone over well with Republicans. And House firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene is pouncing.

From Just the News:
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. filed a complaint Wednesday against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, alleging criminal misconduct involving her personnel decisions.

“Despite this obviously illegal conflict of interest, Fani Willis has allegedly paid Nathan Wade-her secret boyfriend and special Trump prosecutor-nearly $700,000 in official funds,” the complaint reads.

House Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a complaint against the Democrat prosecutor going after Donald Trump. MTG claims that Willis committed an “obvious illegal conflict of interest” when she hired her “secret boyfriend.”

MTG made special note of the fact that Willis paid Nathan Wade $700,000 in “official funds.”

This information came to light after another defendant in Willis’s case against Trump filed a motion. Lawyers are claiming Willis’s possible conflict of interest has undermined the case and that it should be thrown out.

Plenty of controversy has surrounded this case since the start. Willis has been outed for anti-Trump rhetoric long before investigations began. News suggested the Department of Justice was angered by the move since they were conducting their own investigations.

Another recent revelation could result in a mistrial since Willis allegedly received information from Democrats, which she did not disclose to the defendants.

It’s unknown what effect MTG’s complaint will have on the case. But public pressure might continue against Willis and her prosecutors. That could have an effect on the final fate of this trial.

Source: Just the News