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After Army Woman Accused of Massive $100M Scam – You’ll Never Guess What the Army Is Giving Her


During the pandemic, many reports came out revealing how scammers conned the government out of hundreds of millions in tax dollars. But all that seems chump change, compared to what one woman has been accused of doing.

This woman worked for the Army as a civilian finance manager. She was responsible for awarding charities money out of a military program aimed at helping children.

But she has been accused of setting up a fake charity, and conning the Army out of $100 million. Despite this, the Army will still be setting up this woman with a sweet package.

From Fox News:
A woman accused of stealing more than $100 million from the Army retired with full benefits despite an ongoing criminal investigation into an alleged six-year fraud scheme, according to an Army spokesperson.

Janet Yamanaka Mello was accused of establishing a shell company, then funneling taxpayer money to it, which she spent on jewelry, clothing, vehicles and real estate…

“The command has no authority to impact Ms. Mello’s retirement,” a spokesperson with the Army’s Installation Management Command said in an email to San Antonio Express-News. “In accordance with 5 U.S. Code Section 8312, an individual may be denied an annuity or retired pay on the basis of the service of the individual, if the individual is convicted of treason, rebellion or insurrection, or other similar offenses. There is no similar statutory authority for denying retired pay based on a conviction of other offenses.”

In a move that will shock most Americans, a woman accused of stealing $100 million from the Army will retire with full benefits. Janet Yamanaka Mellow is under investigation for creating a fake charity and funneling cash from the 4-H Military Partnership Grant.

Money that was supposed to help the children of military personnel went to fund this woman’s luxurious lifestyle. According to reports, she spent the money on jewelry, clothing, vehicles, and real estate.

Despite this ongoing investigation, the Army is unable to deny her retirement. A spokesperson claimed that the military can deny someone their retired pay if they are convicted of treason or “rebellion.” But it does not appear that the military is willing to deny her this retirement, even though she could be guilty of stealing $100 million from children.
Part of this code says the Army can deny a person their retirement “on the basis of the service” of the person. Call me crazy, but stealing $100 million should be enough for the Army to call her service into question.

At the moment, Mello will not be denied her retirement. But it is unknown if she will be charged with a crime.

Source: Fox News