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Texas AG Blows Lid Off Biden Crisis – Claims Joe ‘Cut a Deal’ that Stuns Americans


The border crisis has been raging almost as long as President Biden’s been in office. Early in his administration, he ended policies set by Trump to secure the border. And even as over 6 million migrants entered, Biden has seemingly done little to uphold immigration laws.

Millions of migrants have flooded U.S. communities. And statistics suggest illegal drugs, smuggled over the border, have led to many deaths.

Republicans have been heavily critical of the Biden administration’s seeming unwillingness to shut the border and deport illegal aliens. Now, one Republican leader is dropping a hammer on Biden’s agenda. And he’s making this shocking allegation.

From Fox News:
As Texas faces a potential standoff between state National Guard forces and federal Border Patrol on the border in Eagle Pass, the state’s top lawman said the crisis gives the impression President Biden “cut a deal” with the cartels controlling parts of the boundary…

“He is cooperating — not just cooperating, but he’s literally in partnership with these cartels.”…

“Joe Biden has cut a deal somehow where these cartels transport people directly to the Border Patrol, and then they move them around the country. So we’re in a terrible situation.”

Texas AG Ken Paxton said that Biden’s refusal to defend the border makes it look like he’s “cut a deal” with dangerous drug cartels. Paxton explained that under previous presidents, drug smugglers, and other criminals would avoid Border Patrol.

But under Joe Biden, it seems these criminals know that they will not be arrested or harmed in any way. Instead, they are seeking Border Patrol out, knowing the agency is obligated to let them into the country.

Paxton has claimed this is almost as if Biden’s promised them that he’d help them out.

Border town officials have long revealed that the border is under the control of drug cartels. It seems Biden has given up defending our border and is letting anyone into the country. The danger is only getting greater, yet the administration (and it seems the Supreme Court) is apparently hellbent on making it worse.

The battle over the border is only getting more intense. It’s unclear what will happen in the near future, but it might get worse before it gets better.

Source: Fox News