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After Biden Offends Major American Ally – KJP Shocks the Nation with Sick Response


Joe Biden is known for his outrageous gaffes and verbal blunders. Democrats try to sweep them under the rug. But many believe these mistakes disqualify the man to lead, either as signs of cognitive decline or just plain stupidity.

The White House has struggled to do damage control every time Biden fumbles. But this week, they really had their hands full.

Biden was in Washington, D.C. for a campaign event. Perhaps he didn’t think anyone besides Democrats would hear his remarks. Because he called a close American ally “xenophobic.” Joe lumped Japan in with China and Russia—accusing these nations of struggling because of this form of discrimination. Reporters demanded answers from Karine Jean-Pierre. She didn’t have them.

From Daily Caller:
“The word ‘xenophobic’ is a very pejorative and negative word, particularly to use against an ally. Is that what [Biden] meant?” a reporter asked.

“Look, he, I think he was — look, the president was very clear. I think that —” Jean Pierre began…

“Look. Here is what I am saying. He was talking about who we are as a country. Right? He was talking about the importance about being a country of immigrants, especially as you see the attacks that we have seen very recently in the last couple of years, on those attacks on immigrants in particular. And so, it is important for us to remember that we are a country of immigrants,” Jean-Pierre began.

White House reporters grilled KJP over Biden calling Japan—a loyal ally to the United States “xenophobic.” Biden is quick to call people xenophobic. He called Trump xenophobic in 2020 when he closed the border with China over COVID.

Yet, for some reason, Biden is using this ugly term to insult Japan, a nation America is friends with. Jean-Pierre tried to explain Biden’s words away, stumbling over a claim that he was talking about America’s immigration history.

She seemed to suggest that Biden was saying America has been successful because we are “a country of immigrants.” But, of course, that is not what Biden said. He said that Japan was xenophobic, a very different statement.

In all her waffling, Jean-Pierre did not issue an apology on behalf of Biden to Japan. This is the second time in recent days that Biden insulted an American ally. He recently implied the people of Papua New Guinea are cannibals, outraging its prime minister.

Biden will likely continue to make insulting gaffes as we near the election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden insulted Japan during a campaign event, calling the ally “xenophobic.”
  • White House press secretary refused to apologize but failed in defending Biden’s comments.
  • This comes soon after Biden insulted another U.S. ally, upsetting its prime minister.

Source: Daily Caller