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RUMORS: Biden To Withdraw, Nominate Michelle Obama — Here’s When


Are the Democrats actually betting on Biden beating Trump this November?

Or, do they already have a scheme in place to replace him with someone they think has a better chance?

For a long time now, there have been rumors that Michelle Obama may replace Biden in the upcoming election. As we’ve reported in the past:

But now, a German news outlet has a date in mind for when this could happen: in August at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

According to a report from Der Spiegel, there are rumors among Democrats that Joe Biden is planning on making a“grand gesture” and stepping down at the convention to instead endorse Michelle Obama.

The outlet notes that the Democrat party has already been including Michelle Obama in some polls of potential election candidates.

Take a look at the breaking new report:


The New Voice of Ukraine on Yahoo has more details on the rumors:

This summer, President Joe Biden may consider stepping out of the presidential race in favor of endorsing Michelle Obama, former First Lady and wife of ex-President Barack Obama, according to a report by Der Spiegel on May 5.

The U.S. Democratic Party is considering the possibility that Biden may announce his decision in August 2024 at a party convention in Chicago.

Der Spiegel states that Michelle Obama has been added to the roster of potential candidates, with public opinion polls currently being conducted to gauge her viability.

“The idea of a female president inspires many Americans,” Der Spiegel notes.

It’s important to note that this is all just speculation, from a German source.

So, take from that what you will.

But, it is notable that the Obamas are already on the list to appear at the DNC this August.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Former President Barack Obama will serve as an Illinois delegate at the Democratic National Convention this summer, possibly upstaging his former running mate, President Joe Biden.

Illinois Democrats announced their full list of delegates Monday evening. Obama marks just one of 51 party leaders and elected officials serving as either automatic or at-large delegates, on top of the 96 district delegates. The Illinois delegation totals 147.

Obama has weighed in on some political issues since leaving office in 2017, but like most former presidents, he largely has avoided attempting to steer the party toward any successors.

He notably did not endorse Biden during the 2020 Democratic primary until it was clear his former vice president would be the nominee in that election. Meanwhile, popular former first lady Michelle Obama has long been rumored in GOP circles as replacing Biden as the 2024 nominee, which Democratic strategists dismiss as a “ginned-up” conspiracy.

Still, Democratic insiders have indicated to the Washington Examiner that they expect Obama to hit the 2024 campaign trail hard for Biden starting this summer, and the campaign is welcoming his efforts to boost Biden’s reelection push. Campaign officials added that Obama has indicated a willingness to do “whatever the campaign asks” once he ramps up his on-the-ground appearances.

Still, Michelle Obama’s “office” has publicly stated she does not “intend” to run for president:

But, I’m not so sure…

What do you think?

Do you believe these rumors?

Will we really see Biden replaced by Big Mike just two months before the election?

Let us know your thoughts…