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After Biden Plots to Deport Homeschoolers – The Family Receives a Stunning Final Verdict


Critics have been merciless to the Biden administration over the Southern border. Republicans accuse Biden of looking the other way as millions of migrants entered the country. A new report by House Republicans revealed that 99% of migrants have not been deported.

Tens of thousands of migrants have flooded blue cities. Democrat mayors are overwhelmed by the crisis. Yet it appears few Democrats, if any, are calling on Biden to remove these illegal border crossers from the country.

However, the Biden administration has been seeking to remove one family. This Christian family of nine fled Germany because it wanted to homeschool their children. The administration suddenly demanded them to self-deport, which might expose them to persecution back in Europe. Now, they have received an update.

From Daily Wire:
A Christian family of nine, who fled persecution in Germany and moved to the United States back in 2008, have been facing deportation pressure from the Biden administration, but have reportedly been given a one-year stay of removal.

Millions of migrants have entered the country illegally. Biden’s administration has allowed them to stay because they are seeking asylum. Critics question whether these migrants are eligible for asylum.

Despite that, Biden tried to remove a Christian family from Germany–who fled persecution so they could homeschool their children. The German government bans homeschooling unless there is a medical reason.

Public outcry arose when word came out that the federal government was trying to remove the family. Republican lawmakers petitioned U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to pause the deportation.

The government is giving them just one year, before the deportation demand resume. The Romeike were granted permission to stay in the U.S. The Obama administration fought that decision. Federal courts did not believe the family faced persecution in Germany.

The German government hammered the family with thousands of dollars in fines. If they return to Germany, the government could take their children if they refuse to send them to school.

Despite the court ruling against them in 2013, the family was able to stay, so long as they checked in with an immigration agent each year. Only in 2023 did the government threaten them with deportation.

Source: Daily Wire