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Biden Quietly Makes Nightmare War Move – And America Could Pay a Heavy Price

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Soon after the Hamas attack on Israel, the nation responded with force. Israel has fired rockets into the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas locations. They have also been forced to respond to attacks coming from Syria and Lebanon.

Many fear this war will escalate into a larger conflict in the region. With rumors circulating that Iran has helped Hamas stage this attack, its entry into this war could engulf the entire Middle East into conflict.

The United States has voiced its support for Israel. Already, thousands of Marines have been pulled from training exercises due to the war. And now, word is coming out that Biden is preparing more forces… for something.

From The Post Millennial:
On Monday, the United States military selected around 2,000 troops for a potential deployment to the Middle East as it ramps up its efforts to assist Israel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the troops are currently stationed in the Middle East and surrounding areas, including Europe, and will not serve in combat roles.

They were selected from across all branches of the US military, however no members of the infantry have been given “prepare-to-deploy” orders.

The Pentagon has reportedly selected 2,000 U.S. troops for deployment to the Middle East. Biden and others within the administration have claimed they will not serve any “combat roles.”

But these service members will come from all branches of the military. This suggests they will be providing a variety of support to Israel, including surveillance, strategy, tactical solutions, and of course, equipment.

How Iran and other nations respond to this news remains to be seen. The United States is Israel’s largest supporter and ally. It is possible that increased U.S. involvement in the war will be considered escalation by Israel’s enemies.

Biden might not be sending troops for “combat,” but they will still be joining Israel’s side in its war with Hamas. Meaning, the United States will officially be engaging in this conflict, whatever that role may be.

This will be strongly supported by Republican lawmakers, who have long supported Israel and called for retaliation against Iran. Even many Democrats will support this move, as they also support Israel.

But pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel figures in the United States will criticize Biden’s decision. They will accuse the administration of aiding Israel’s attacks on Gaza, and perhaps side with anti-American rhetoric from hostile nations.

How this move will affect Americans stateside, remains to be seen.

Source: The Post Millennial