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After Biden Takes a His Worst Tumble Yet – Americans Give Joe Their Jaw-Dropping Verdict


Users online have made mincemeat of the many videos and clips of Joe Biden fumbling. There are countless videos of the 80-year-old president struggling to finish sentences. And critics online have been merciless with their criticisms.

There are, additionally, video clips of the Democrat failing to walk, climb stairs, or ride a bike. Critics have called out these moments, questioning Biden’s fitness for office.

Democrats and the White House have seemingly gone out of their way to protect the president. His campaign has worked to make sure the aging Democrat won’t trip or stumble. But, yet again, they’ve failed. And users have not been kind.

From The Post Millennial:
Video shows Biden getting ready to walk up the steps to the stage. The President makes it one step and stumbles but continues to proceed. He takes another step and nearly face plants. Biden clenched onto the railing, grasping it for dear life, and ultimately prevented himself from yet another disastrous fall…

“We are gonna see ‘Mobility Scooter One’ before this is over,” an individual wrote on X.

“Faller in chief,” another said…

“The way he stops and looks and smiles after like it’s funny is just so infuriating. Like dude please go to the nursing home already.”

Despite his campaign working to prevent Biden from falling, he once again nearly did. While trying to climb a short flight of steps, Biden was seen tripping. Twice he had to steady himself, pausing while looking back at the small crowd behind him.

Critics have tried to downplay Biden’s frequent fumbles, comparing him to former President Trump. Yet, it does not appear that Trump struggled to climb steps, nor are there many clips of the man falling down.

Biden, on the other hand, has frequently fallen during moments on stage. He fell over while standing still on a bike, in front of a crowd of reporters. He needed several men to lift him up after tripping over a clearly visible obstacle.

Users online blasted Biden for this near-collapse. Some questioned why he isn’t in a “nursing home already.” Others mocked the moment, which has become all too common during this administration.

Reports have surfaced that White House staff fear Biden falling while at home. He allegedly shuffles while he walks, instead of properly lifting his feet. Stories claim staff worry he will trip over a wire just crossing a room.

Republicans have long claimed Biden is too old to serve as president. Calls for a fitness exam have been largely ignored by Democrats.

Source: The Post Millennial