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Jill Biden Caught on Camera During Speech – It Looks Like She Has to Play Nurse for Joe

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Many people in America are having a hard time supporting the dawdling man who inhabits the White House. His consistent and embarrassing gaffes and an apparently growing level of confusion aren’t garnering faith and support from inside or outside the U.S.

The last few weeks have shown the president needing assistance navigating stairs or getting around on stage before and after speeches. The person closest to him appears to be stepping up to help even more as the president regularly appears confused.

President Joe Biden didn’t act like he had a handle on the situation Saturday during his speech at the 2023 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. As he was leaving the stage, he appeared to need a helping hand.

From the Daily Caller:
Video shows the president being directed towards one side by his wife when he turned the opposite way and waved after his remarks. Placing one arm on her husband’s back, Jill Biden smiled and waved with her other arm as she led her husband off stage.

The confusion began when a pro-Palestinian supporter shouted at the president, and he responded in an odd way. Biden paused, apparently not hearing what the protester said, before continuing his speech.

“Thank you for whatever you’re saying. I can’t hear you,” Biden said.

The president finished his remarks before his wife guided him to the proper exit off the stage. This incident follows the president’s near fall Friday at a Philadelphia event promoting the creation of clean hydrogen hubs. The president has toppled over when walking up the stairs to board Air Force One in March 2021 and in June as he walked across the stage at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

Each time Joe Biden wanders around a stage or stumbles and falls creates more images supporting the idea that he is too frail to serve the office of president. Reports are showing that is campaign staff is “terrified” of the 80-year-old Biden having a bad fall. Questions about his age and capabilities swirl around the news media and it is a hot topic among GOP presidential contenders.

Source: Daily Caller