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After Biden’s Approval Moves 9 Points in a Month – Another Poll Comes Out and Quickly Knocks It Down


What’s Happening:

Biden’s approval has been nothing short of a disaster. It has been the lowest of all presidents in recent history.

But, suddenly, just before the midterms, his approval jumps 9 months in one poll. How… odd.

From The Hill:

President Biden’s approval rating jumped 9 percentage points in an Associated Press-NORC poll released Thursday…

The poll found Biden’s approval rating sits at 45 percent, a spike of 9 percentage points from July.

Did Biden suddenly get 9 points better since July? Hardly. Because this “jump” is not showing up in other polls.

From Breitbart:

Only 39 percent of Americans approve of President Joe Biden, while just 25 percent of independents approve of the president, a Wednesday Ipsos poll revealed

Only nine percent of Americans say Biden’s America is headed in the right direction. Seventy-four percent say it headed down the wrong track.

The poll sampled 1,003 Americans from September 12-13 with a 3.8 margin of error. It included 460 Democrats, 360 Republicans, and 124 independents.

Notice the sample groups of the Ipsos poll. Even while oversampling Democrats, with 100 more than Republicans, Biden’s approval is still in the toilet.

Only 39% of Americans approve of Joe. And a pathetic 25% of independent voters approve of him.

If this poll had evenly polled Republicans and Democrats, the numbers would be even worse.

This casts doubt on the AP poll which claims Biden’s approval is improving. He continues to ignore the border crisis, the gas price situation, and numerous other problems.

The economy is on the verge of a recession–but all Biden’s done is spend our tax dollars.

He has not done anything recently to inspire a jump in approval. And this Ipsos poll is far more consistent with what we’ve been seeing.

So this “jump” can probably be chalked up to an overeager (and inaccurate) pollster.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new AP poll claims Biden’s approval improved by 9 points over the Summer.
  • But an Ipsos poll reveals Biden continues to sink, especially among independents.
  • Biden has had the worst approval of any modern president in recent history.

Source: The HillBreitbart